IT looking positive in 2016

It’s a great time to be in IT. Unemployment rates in the industry are hovering around historic lows, and we are seeing huge demand for specialists in the south of the UK currently in particular. Opportunities for both contract and permanent IT specialists are abundant, and we are seeing lots of companies starting 2016 in a positive position, and seeking new talented people to join their teams.

Our customers, ranging from small development houses to blue chip businesses, are seeing demand in many areas, including development, security and in project management. The competition to recruit the best developers in particular is fierce, and customers seem prepared for the fact that they can expect less choice of candidates in 2016, and can expect to pay more to acquire the candidates they most desire. Many customers are even reassessing their job roles to see what is absolutely essential in their 2016 candidates, and where they can provide training to bring people up to the required level.

It is always difficult to predict trends, but it does seem that things in the UK are slightly different to international trends, as our very specific and innovative business community creates a unique employment market. The ONS numbers demonstrate that employment is at the highest rate since records began in 1971 and this inevitably has a knock-on effect on the ability to employ. This is a continuation of recent experience, and at Baxter Hall, we hope to be able to assist clients to locate the best talent, whilst helping candidates to secure their best permanent or contract move.

The first two weeks of the year have seen proactive clients pushing us hard to locate the best people, and we are always keen to discuss how we can help to work with new people to help businesses achieve their goals.